Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, You can find answers to many questions concerning operation of our online store. If You didn’t find the needed information You can send us questions to the following mail address or call on our phone number.


Question: May I place the order by phone?

Answer: To provide us the accurate information and keep financial safety, we hereby request all orders are placed through the Online store. If You need help with the search of a product or there are questions, we will be glad to help You with it by phone.

Question: You place an advertizing about a possibility of free shipping, but I want to receive the order faster. Can I just pay extra money for faster delivery?

Answer: If your order of necessary cost You get absolutely free delivery, however we can’t offer You the faster way of receiving the order whether You pay extra money or not.

Question: How fast can I receive my order? How soon will it be sent?

Answer: Delivery times will vary, depending on the your location. The list below shows usual/average delivery times. Please note that these are just estimates and it can sometimes take more or less time for your order to be delivered.

            United States: 7-10 days;

            Canada: 10-14 days;

            Europe: 14-21 days;

            Australia: 21-30 days;

            Other countries: 24-30 days.


Question: If there aren’t needed product in stock how soon it will be available for sale?

Answer: We try to do our best to have all products in stock. However, there are situations when our suppliers have no products in warehouses, but we keep in touch with them and do everything to get things You need as fast as we can. To get to know about the stock availability You can contact our support team.

Question: How to combine two or several orders in one?

Answer: Combining of orders, unfortunately, is technically impossible.

However, You can cancel your original order and create the new one with added goods. Pay attention that order can be canceled only before shipment.


Question: I tried to make the order and got refusal because of “gateway error”, what does it mean?

Answer: More often that means that billing information is entered incorrectly. We recommend You to check the information written on your credit card and try to enter payment information again.

Question: Why do I see that my basket is empty, or why can’t I add more than one thing?

Answer: The most widespread problem is the outdated version of a web browser. We recommend You to update the browser to the latest available version. Other possible problems may be coming from the security settings in your browser. To prevent this You can clean a browser cache, or change browser security settings.

Question: May I add / delete elements from my order? May I change delivery time?

Answer: To provide an order and accuracy, we aren’t able to change the existing orders. If the order hasn’t been sent yet, we can cancel it and You can change the order having added/having deleted the appropriate goods.

Question: How long will it take to process returns?

Answer: After the warehouse receives your return, it generally takes 2-5 business days to process your return.

Please keep in mind that your bank typically posts credit in the billing cycle in which it was received. Therefore, the number of days it takes for credit to post to your account may vary, depending on your bank’s billing and credit schedule.

Question: What if my product was damaged?

Answer:  Please DO NOT dispose of the damaged product until you have contacted our customer service. We will ship a replacement order out to you as soon as possible. Orders will be delivered via the most efficient shipping method available.

Question: How to return goods or to make a complaint?

Answer: You have the right to refuse ordered goods before its receiving at any time, and after receiving – within 10 days, apart from the day of receiving. Return of goods is possible if vendibility and want-satisfying qualities are saved, goods of appropriate quality with no defects and there is an ORDER ID (to find your order in our database). If You refuse goods, the online store refunds You the cost of the goods, except for delivery cost.

You can return goods of inadequate quality to the manufacturer or the seller and demand refund of the paid sum of money during guaranty period or an expiration date. The customer also has the right to demand replacement of goods of inadequate quality or elimination of insufficiencies.

In both cases, refund is made not later than 10 days from the date when customer’s claim for refund is received by the seller.

Question: What if my order was never received, even if it was reported as delivered?

Answer: If for any reason you never received your order even though it showed delivery confirmation, please contact the carrier first with this tracking information. The carrier will assist you in locating this order. If you have contacted the carrier and still failed to locate your order, please contact our customer service support at immediately as we will be more than happy to assist you with the problem.

Question: My order was sent to the wrong address, can you change it?

Answer: When the order was sent, we aren’t able to change the delivery address.